Saturday, 25 April 2009

Round 2

Nature in colour and 'mostly manufactured' in B&W (the fossils are genuine)

Round and round and round: Thematic Photographic 46

Round ...

For the basis of this check out Carmi's blog and then join in and meet the others...

Monday, 20 April 2009

Thematic Photographic 45- Floral

For the basis of this check out Carmi's blog and then join in and meet the others...

Weddings ~ a sure place for floral expertise to be on display

Glimpses from two weddings a week apart, one in brilliant sunshine, the other overcast and some rain ~ just part of the typical changeable British summer

For those with a technical bent the soft images are with an older Olympus lens on my digital camera where it becomes an effective 100mm f1.2, at which aperture and focal length you have absolutely no depth of field.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

All the best images are made at the most inconvienent times

Sometimes it is difficult and you have to make yourself make images.

Waiting... tranquility

It happened early on this very still winter Saturday morning about 6 years ago. I lived about half a mile from this point by foot, about 300 meters as the geese flew, the river was shrouded in mist from a clear sky the day before and it was just a case of waiting for some light to appear....

On other occasions you just wait as in this image made at the opposite end of the day from our road... but with a large format camera and large tripod etc

Thematic Photographic 44 Edible

Carmi at Written Inc has selected edible as his subject for Thematic Photographic 44 where you will find many other offerings on the subject.

This one I suppose you could say is slightly unusual...

The Smithfield Meat Market, London before it moved... far too early in the morning... meat enough here to feed half of London! I was taking photographs for a friend's thesis and just saw the opportunities of this... with an obliging butcher...

The art of persuasion!

Whilst I do not serve cooked Pigs or Boars head as a centerpiece for dinner it used to be a delicacy...

But on a more serious note we often forget how our food arrived ... I'm just glad I am not a butcher

Sunday, 5 April 2009


This post was made for Carmi's Thematic Photographic 43 - Reflective where we are invited to link images under his theme for the week. Check it out here.

Sunday afternoon ...the open expanse of sea sky and beach, a sunny day and light breeze, dog happy to walk for miles and my wife and I wandering along.

Don't some places generate a sense of being reflective... the beach, woods and rivers do this for me. However with the theme of reflective, and I have to admit to working with this thought for the last couple of days, I realised just how much we miss... all surfaces apart from a complete matte black are reflective to some degree, but we tend to look for the perfect reflection or mirror image and as I look back over my
blog postings you will find many reflection images.

So back to the beach and today faced with bright sun sea and sand at Formby in North West England I looked for the less obvious images...sea diamonds in this piece unfortunately but as you turn it in the sunlight the shiny surface sparkles...
... and there just could be diamonds there!

The brilliant sunlight also reflected blindingly off the small amounts of water held by the ripples of sand..
... until it seeped away

graphic images but readily identifiable

Then into the distance and photograph light rather than the image..