Friday, 13 November 2009

Better to travel than to arrive...

Carmi's theme this week at Written Inc is travel ... so yes I could do the travel brochure images, or the alternative travel brochure images, but this are much more mundane, daily travel to work this month has been by train, only two stops, into Manchester and out again. Commuter travel is often a problem so prefer to arrive and leave later so trains are not so frequent. Waiting is part of train travel ... whether for the commuter train ...

...or crossing Europe

.... while here the train runs so rarely that you walk the tracks.

[Apologies if you have seen some of these previously]


  1. Hi Martin. I came to your blog from Abraham Lincoln's blog. I like your philosophies and photos. - Cheers, Dave (NZ)

  2. Thanks for the comments Dave though not sure of the connection with Abraham Loincoln's blog