Thursday, 5 November 2009

Seeing Red

Seeing red is what Carmi Red urges us to do this week.

I dislike Coca-Cola, the drink... the company... the ethos... the ethics, the commercialism, and what they have done to Christmas. In my mind Coca-Cola stands for all that is bad and I hated their drink machines being placed in schools.... so when I saw one discarded...

... and put to a better use collecting rainwater ...

Come to think of it the rainwater, even Manchester rainwater, may be more drinkable than the original bottled contents!

PS. Apologies to those who like the stuff but before you drink it again check out how good it is at cleaning dirty pavements... ... or maybe that is why people mix it with strong alcohol...


  1. I like that shot! theyve all been removed from our schools now replaced with water!

  2. Amen to every word you've shared here. When we look at the spiraling growth in lifestyle-related disease, it's as plain as day that much of it is related to the explosive growth in recent decades in consumption of garbage like this.

    Beautifully said...though I must admit the red is quite fetching :)