Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Politicians' Buildings

Forgive me Lord I have not been political.

In The Bard's day calling someone a politician was an insult of the type that may well have involved meeting the recipient with their companion at dawn the following morning... a possible translation being 'a dirty evil schemer'. I will leave you to consider the appropriateness for today?

Utilitarian 60s buildings - remember the stories... Just done a land deal lets put this up and when we have finished decide whether it will be an office block, flats, school or university - no takers - oh well its a car park for the moment. So lets reduce it to its plain form by contrast and produce an almost abstract image... then we can pretend it is not there.

It is your error - not mine. An example...

Sometimes IMHO buildings are where they should not be (and not where they should be ~ sounds like the words from the old Anglican service...) so please look at them differently...

A road to nowhere except up into the valleys on foot or motorbike. How close are the houses together ~ count the chimney pots. Let's close the ...... it is not profitable today, for a few hours...

Someone lived and worked here....

.............................Another way of living but I would have found it very difficult

...as I would this. Who would want to pay the odd half a million for one of the 18, I think, stacked summertime goldfish bowls, even though they are on the beach. Who would want the awful family with crying sunburnt children resting against your glass panels for their eight hours mandatory occupation until dinner. Winter may be better, but I would have preferred the original bungalow or house that these replaced.

The trouble is the area is/was one of the most expensive in the world and the stomping ground for undesirables, 'wannabe important people' and the retired or not so retired villains (whether caught and convicted or just should have been). ...

So ....free the villeins and give them these apartments ....and the motor yachts. Convict the criminals.... no not the youngsters with alcopops.... or those cycling on the promenade: but those:
involved with serious crime who have been living on the proceeds and those whose greed is so unacceptable that society needs to do something about it.

If society does not... how long before the best beaches become privatised ...and most people are excluded?

Yes strong feelings... so how have they come out photographically speaking.

I have taken this in the style of the Brand and Hild Becher and cropped it in the camera (the sea is good for cropping images since it defines your angle of view if you have no wish to be up to your waist in water with a large format camera). The building has lost most of its location. It could be somewhere on the east coast, say near Newcastle (sorry Newcastle) and no longer in superrichmansland.

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