Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Crossing Borders

WW2 finished later round here... it was really nowhere important... just a few houses

A hire car... park up and make some images... the house(s) are a bit dilapidated and worthy of more attention... but it was the (and here I show my botanical ignorance) blossom on the tree that caught my attention... almost too perfect...weighed down and hanging over the road...

So whoever planted it there or was it just a wind blown seed?

We all have mopeds in our rooms don't we? Yes I can remember taking a scooter engine to bits in our hall but there is just something sombre about this one. Probably beyond repair, as is the house.

And why is there only one piece of wallpaper left? Who is going to pull that inviting piece?

A motorbike stands for freedom ~ a long way down and Easy Rider ~ it should not end its days framed as if in a picture by the window.

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