Sunday, 22 March 2009

Drinking Water - The other Mediterranean

Drink ~ Take 2

How much do we take it for granted that we just simply turn on the tap and clean drinking water flows out in abundance.

North Africa. The stench was unbearable and you couldn't move out of its reach. Sheep, sewage and rubbish shared the 'river' just before it flowed into the Mediterranean where men were fishing from the shore. This was a place of waiting where people came for a chance to get into Europe.

Some new 'building' was in progress but so was a massive corrugated iron shanty town; even the old 'fort' on the beach had a temporary neighbour.

Yet even here the people are fortunate compared with some of those further down into Africa.

Back in 'Europe' (Spanish Africa) I met a man in his 20s from Zimbabwe, all his family had apparently been killed or died. Having walked up from Southern Africa and crossed the border illegally he was now waiting the six months to see whether he would be given a permit to travel.

This was not an easy place to make photographs with a very large camera, but I could go back to my European hotel where there was fresh water!


  1. Funny, this weeks theme (travel) linked back to Drink for me too!! I shall enjoy browsing the rest of your photo collection :)