Sunday, 1 March 2009

Thematic photographic 38 - Winter

Check for details of this subject under the theme 'winter' and join in if you feel able...

I thought again about this subject - winter - and the images it conjures up: greyness, rain (here at least) cold and then I thought further ~ sometimes we have those exceptional winter days when there is a clarity in the air, no wind and the sky is a wonderful blue...

...or goes pink as the sun sets...

...and finally the aftermath... the canal had been frozen over for some time and numerous objects had been thrown onto the ice just to see if they would break it...the ice began to melt and some of these items sank, adding to the debris on the bottom. But not this crutch... it remained suspended - timeless - forlorn and painful even though released from winter.

So how did it get there?

Had they, whoever they were, ceased using it and brought it along to chuck across the ice?

Had they miraculously been healed whilst hobbling along the towpath and thrown it away in a moment of joy?

Had someone mugged them and thought it amusing to skim it over the ice?

Was it one of a pair, and if so, then where is the other one?

Questions but no answers...


  1. I like your take on the winter theme. The sky does take on a fresher shade of blue and the pink isn't seen in warmer weather.

    I also liked your musings about the crutch. I once took a photo of a pair of crutches that were thrown into a waste can in downtown Charlottesville, VA. I had many of the same thoughts and in the end used the picture on a get well card for a friend who sprained his ankle! Interestingly, his first comment was "why would you take a picture of crutches in a trash can?" Haha --- because it was there! It's what photographers do!

    Sorry for the rambling. I like your photos and hope to see more in Thematic Photographics to come.

  2. Thank you Barb. I agree that 'It was there' certainly covers a multitude of photographic decisions... and accounts for much time and material.