Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thematic photographic - Drab

Oh Dear!

Carmi suggested Drab as the subject for this weeks thematic subject and just after reading it today it rained... heavily and the wind blew... This was on my way to work.

It would equally have have been grayish buildings, clothes or weather - I just hope are not facing a week of this!


  1. It's raining here in No VA so I'm sharing in the drab! :) Nice shot...

  2. Oh, this is very very drab indeed! I love the reflection and the monochromatic palette. Brrrr. Are those flower petals on the ground?

  3. Now that is an excellent drab shot!!! I can feel the dampness in the air and smell the rain just looking at it. You definitely captured drab.

  4. Ah yes, the weather here has been somewhat drab too! :)

  5. Lulda and Nicki-Ann Thank you and sorry you have rain as well.

    G thank you ~ unfortunately nothing so special they are the remains of trodden in chewing-gum!

    NJ Thank you ... why is it that the smell of rain after a period of hot weather is great but in winter it isn't?