Saturday, 21 March 2009

Thematic photograph 40 - Drink

Carmi has selected the subject 'Drink' for this week's thematic photograph

The occasional drink at a pub, sometimes a glass or can of beer or Guinness at home in the evening, wine with special meals... and well Christmas ... I consider myself to be a socially responsible drinker. Yet where we live (England) there are continual problems over alcoholic drink and the inability to legislate effectively for its supply and use. Some roads and areas have become alcohol free zones while others are allowed to have it to excess. Empties are a continual problem ~ with the mentality of why recycle when there is no large ie £5 say $10 deposit per container ~ so is the sight of those who have drunk to excess. Supermarkets sell cheap alcohol, kids wait around trying to find an adult to buy it for them... So my contribution on the images of drink are mixed.

...In the UK they used to advertise Guinness, a dark Irish stout, with the slogan 'Guinness is good for you' and give it to expectant mums because of the iron it contained. Gill and I both like our Guinness so here is one (almost) ...
and btw she is not!!

..the empties problem... by the canal

...and empty glasses following a meal...

And for something different... Gill & I were in an old French hilltop village about 60 milers from the Mediterranean. We turned a corner into a small square and came upon the village fountain ~ originally for drinking and probably the only source of water in the village ~ but what made this different was the little fairy-like girl with amazing red hair leaning over to touch the water. It was one of those timeless moments... the light was negligible, evening and we were waiting for a storm, the only camera was my wife's small digital one, so three quick images bracing the camera as well as I could and only one successful picture which is slightly blurred. [Yes I have removed a twentieth century sign and the girl was wearing sandals which is another debate earlier in my blog under the title 'Girl at the Fountain' . This image has had the colours partly reduced.]