Saturday, 7 March 2009

Thematic Photograph 39 - Transparent - Take 2

Carmi has had many posts on the subject 'transparent'... have a look at them...

Today I went into Manchester city centre on a photographic jaunt with a friend and kept the concept of 'transparent' in my mind. We have had much redevelopment here and transparent images hit you from all sides since glass has replaced brick and stone as the favoured exterior surface. Forget the polarising filter as I like the idea of having both reflections and transparency.

Here is part of one such example: Transparent Working

I can only imagine that working there you must sometimes feel like a goldfish in a an old fashioned glass goldfish bowl.

Here is the second example... Transparent Living

I know that I could not live like this in an open window for all to see. Could you?


  1. Nope, I couldn't either! Great shots, especially the 1st one :)

  2. so glad you don't want to live somewhere like that........